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 I was literally the sufferer when my husband was on a trip or even if in the city but not at home. Though taking care of the house chores was my responsibility but there were sudden things which needed to be taken care of. The main problem which I faced was due to bad phone network which cost me and my husband a lot along with giving us no such good offerings. I was at times frustrated with what I was facing due to this network. There were some serious issues as well we faced due to which we planned to switch to another network. This was the time when my neighbor told me about Yomojo promo code which could help me in taking care of good network coverage and provide excellent packages to make life easier.

I remember last week when my mother-in-law who is a heart patient had a mild attack and I tried reaching my husband but there were some network issues which didn’t allow me to call for an ambulance as well. I had to run up to my neighbor to get her phone to contact the ambulance and then asked her to call my husband informing about me leaving for the hospital.

This panicky situation made me curse my phone and network which didn’t let me avail the facility of carrying cell phone when I was in need of it.

I really got panicked when my mother-in-law was suffering and I was left with no help. I truly wish no one face such issues or go through what we went through. We are great for Lord and then Alicia, my neighbor who helped us on time in taking care of the problem.

Since the time period we changed our phone network to Yomojo and availed the cheap packages, I don’t find any problem in coming in contact with my husband even when he is on foreign trip. The reasonable amount spent on quality products makes people quite satisfied which was the scenario which me and my husband was facing now.

The data plan offered by the network is available in quite reasonable packages which makes people of all ages take care of their needs. Whether to reach the loved ones, complete the assignments on time or what so ever is your requirement, Yomojo offer different packages to make your connection a lively and fruitful one.

Make life a better one with the availability of the best package in the country to make your voice reach anywhere you want it to reach.


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